Black guys dating fat white women

06-Feb-2021 05:36

And the more I can make use of this process to fit my needs while hiding behind the veil of colorblindness, the longer I can escape the cognitive dissonance that inevitably results from the very hypocrisy I employ to economize in the dating market.bottom line if you seek others that your social circle or family approve of(in regards to race,education,physical appearance),its a 90% guarantee that your relationship/marriage will sour relationships that work last only on INNER needs being met---no matter what the person's background----- speaking from experiencesilly thats an understatment, do these people have any idea about what they are talking about ??? Husband for 23 years he is my husband who gives a monkeys what colour he is ??

or is my attitude like this as I am from Europe and not some hick town USA. lol Must add am neither ugly fat or stupid - so prooves the theory wrong about black men marrying fat ugly stupid white women. im not the black man who had 4 kids with a black woman, then divorced her to be with a white woman, okay?

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.heres my three cents...i was in college/post-college i would go out to clubs/bars/parties and i would watch the crowd and watch life go by and i would notice a few things: i would see a group of white woman (attractive, average, and unattractive (generally "heavy set")) and they would approach guys as well as guys showing interest in them and i would notice time and time again over all the years, that the attractive white male would consistently reject the unattractive white "heavy set" females?

these "heavy set" white females were looked professional and seem to be very nice, and im sure they were approachable for the white males.

How do you know that black men only see white women as a "trophy", you are Chinese?

That's more of an issue to me, rather than wasting time fretting over someone's ethnic background.

Even heard someone in my own family say that there was no way in hell her son would be allowed to marry a white woman! As if I had never been flatly rebuffed by a woman despite all my "dating credentials". Very few people IMO operate in a world totally devoid of fixed socialization patterns and psychosocial forces that dictate a priori who is dateable and who isn't.

Mind you, I had my youngest brother with me at the time, who is half-white. Actually, being of Chinese descent, I object to all men who are attracted to Asians solely based on their looks. I even had a white woman tell me that she simply wasn't attracted to me because I was black, never mind the fact that she still considered me "handsome" and "a good catch". It would be all but impossible for your average dater to manage such a large pool of potential dating candidates without developing social classification systems that are often predicated upon groups defined primarily by physical appearance.

Aside from the fact that love should be colorblind, love should also be more than skin deep. The average dater neither has the time nor the willingness to essentialize every candidate based upon his or her individuality. Buying into trendy stereotypes becomes more cost-effective, even effortless.

You obviously don't know how easy it is for a bona fide Asian fetishist to dissemble his raw, visceral propensities toward Asian women under the guise of "colorblind", "personality-based", "socially respectable" attraction in order to land his "prize". And the Asian girls fell for it time and time again. In essence, if I already subscribe to the notion that black men as a group are the least dateable of any group, then I would naturally want to allow myself to be further grounded into this notion by some sort of "empirical verification" (i.e., "confirming" my friends' repulsion to black men, anticipating behavior from any given black man that would help engender the stereotype even more, avoiding any acknowledgement of "atypical" black behavior that would threaten to trump the stereotype), because the more people I can categorically eliminate from my personal desirability pool from the get-go, the more streamlined my process becomes for selecting a mate.

What insights and exposure have you had to what black men think? You appear to be willing to make blanket statements about a subject you haven't the slightest clue about. I get annoyed by the notion that black women's decision to date outside of their race is based on a lack of dateable black men, because it makes it seem as if dating white guys, or guys of some other race, is settling for option B.