Biblical dating relationships

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The Execration texts seems to parallel the time of the patriarchs.

A stele found at Abydos tells about an Asiatic campaign by Sen-Usert III (1880-1840 BC) which says: His majesty proceeded northward to overthrow the Asiatics.

This stele puts a terminus ante quem date of 1210 BC for the exodus (Mc Carter 1992, 132).

There are two types of execration texts from the 12th Dynasty of Egypt.

His majesty reached a foreign country of which the name was Sekmem.

His majesty took the right direction in proceeding to the Residence of life, prosperity, and health.

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The word "Israel" here is written in Egyptian with the determinative for people rather than land (ANET 1969, 378 note 18). Both scholars Yurco and Rainey agree that these battle scenes are from Merneptah's reign (Yurco 1991, 61; Rainey 1992, 73-4; Hess 1993, 134). Before the discovery of the Merneptah stele scholars placed the date of the exodus and entry into Canaan much later. The Chief of Bowmen of the Wells of Mer-ne-Ptah Hotep-hir-Maat--life, prosperity, health!

--which is (on) the mountain range, arrived for a (judicial) investigation in the fortress which is in Sile (ANET 1969, 258).

The Egyptian Papyrus Anastasi III contains "The Journal of a Frontier Official" which mentions this well.