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15-Oct-2020 05:04

If you want to befriend Asians, it's easy enough, but joining an organization is mainly an outlet for people who are not accustomed to being in diverse environments." (Brown University, Providence, RI) "Northwestern University is a different environment for Asian Americans. Coming from California, I experience a different feel/environment for Asian Americans.It is not wrapped up in materialism and the 'gangster' image.Right now my school believes that a multicultural office (a new development) will be sufficient to handle the diverse needs of not just students of color, but all women in general (mind you, my school is a women's college).The [administration has] no clue as to what true diversity is.My only complaint is that occasionally my professors would cut me off when I would speak in class. I felt that they sometimes expected me to be the stereotype of the quiet Asian student." (Barnard College, New York, NY) As you can see, just as there is a wide diversity of political perspectives within the Asian American community, there is an entire range of students' opinions and experiences when it comes to what type of school is the "best" for Asian Americans. Due to the fact that I do not have a clique of Asian friends, I find myself shunned by the Asian American community at times.

In fact, people who continue to choose a university solely based on its Asian American resources may easily miss out on plenty of opportunities found at other universities.

Not surprisingly, the results seem to show that among universities, most of the best colleges for Asian Americans are located in the west (particularly in the University of California system), where the majority of Asian Americans live.