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15-Oct-2020 05:17

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The suspicious waif is repeating tabloidian claims that Lindsay has been sneaking spirits—something Lindsay has denied. Her father got out of a New York prison called the Collins Correctional Facility in March (he did 22 months for attempted assault and D. ”And now Lindsay’s coming over to me, looking a bit edgy.“Who are you writing for, honey? She’s va-va-voom beautiful, but looks like she could use a night off.

” a flat-eyed club girl asks me, watching Lindsay drink clear liquid from a plastic bottle. rehab called Wonderland in January; in May she’ll enter Promises in Malibu. Her mother has recently been seen posing in a fashion magazine, declaring, “If you can button it and clip it when you’re in your 40s, you’re going out!

one yes pete is fuckin sexy and idk what, but he is an adult and a celebrity so of course those pics were gonna get out. he doesn’t need someone like her who is competing with her sister, dumping every hott guy she sees….pisses me off. cuz i am a devoted fob and pete wentz fan so i support him!!!