Auto updating apps on android

30-Sep-2020 11:20

Q: Will I have notifications that my apps are completely updated?A: Yes, once all applications are up to date there will be an alert on your notification panel that there were several apps updated automatically.Just go back to the settings and choose “Auto-update apps” then tap on the first option that says, “Do not auto-update apps”.Q: I do not want to do auto-update, but I need to update all of them at once when I have time.Q: I am on auto-update but I encountered an error and the app does not update.A: When an error occurs during auto-update, it is highly likely that your phone’s memory is insufficient.Below are the steps to update Android apps automatically.

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Applications on your phones are supported by their developers and will have a regular update.A: Fortunately, this feature can also be possible by going to your Play Store Menu and tap My Apps and Games.