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20-Feb-2021 09:32

But you have to understand that they are a business and are professional salespeople. You can see their video testimonials here: Mark Davis met his soulmate and wife Anna through an AFA tour.

In the business world, professional salespeople are always going to highlight the pros of their products/services in the best light possible, not the cons. That's just how salespeople in the business world are. She treats him like gold and has never asked him for anything.

On a TV interview about that, AFA's President said that it's better to just go there and meet the women rather than depend on letter writing.

That being said, I've talked to the President of AFA, John Adams, over the phone, and so did Steve Neese, before our show.

A tool or medium can be used for good or bad, depending on who is using it. It just depends on how it is used and who is using it.

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(She was so self-absorbed, that when we were on our way to a party at the American Embassy in St.

It's like the translation company is profiting on maybe make believe profiles. Before I joined they didn't really go to much into details about the cost of purchasing points to write to a girl. I actually watch one of their online programs about joining. I ask the girls if I can get another photo and get some generic reply.

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