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“The more it’s spread the better,” Rabbi Nahum said.

Video recordings reveal that negotiations between Dwek and the rabbis took place in parking lots, back alleys, diners and boiler rooms, with thousands in cash being stuffed into to their synagogues to launder money for countless others.

Apart from the excavations, over the past decade Father Loffreda has continued publishing the volumes of the series “Cafarnao [Capernaum]”, now numbering nine.

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A room used for the gatherings of the first Judeo-Christians in which Christ’s presence in Peter’s house was commemorated; the place itself where, according to the Gospels, a number of miracles took place.

The news of these exceptional discoveries reverberated in news columns everywhere, and the echo was not limited to the academic world: Capernaum was soon to become one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in the Holy Land.

The payments were cashed into the rabbis’ charity accounts and handed back to Dwek, keeping a portion as their cut.

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An intact pot that had never been used, oil lamps from the time of Herod, fragments of colored plaster and a succession of different pavements led to the conclusion that, a half century after Jesus’ resurrection, this particular room in the house had been enlarged and embellished.Excavations were also carried out in the areas enclosed by the boundary wall of the Byzantine church, and the results showed that a series of walls and pavements had succeeded one another, from the ancient Roman to the late Roman periods.

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