Are police uniforms intimidating pisces and virgo dating

24-Nov-2020 19:51

This past week, President Obama discussed the idea that law enforcement should wear “softer looking” uniforms.

While there were plenty of jokes about the comment, we need to understand that the President didn’t just throw that out there for discussion.

), but our officers need to be as comfortable and functional as possible. No one would attempt to say that Afghanistan is peaceful, but in America we tell ourselves this as a matter of fact.

If politicians are concerned that citizens are scared of that look, then those citizens need to be educated. Wartime Much of the premise behind changing police uniforms and even tactics is that law enforcement are guardians in a time of peace. Just don’t tell that to the cops: ambush killings have dramatically increased and, according to the FBI, more than 50,000 cops are assaulted per year (which is vastly under-reported).

With that said, I believe it’s my duty as a commander and leader to be on the streets with the men and women in my agency.

I was on patrol last week wearing my external vest, pants and boots.

The survey found a taser positioned on an officer's hip made them less approachable to the public.

When it comes to the uniform options our officers have today, it’s clearly not about a military look or an intimidation factor.

It’s simply about outfitting law enforcement with gear that is functional and comfortable to their duties. In my current position, I have that look most of the time. I address officers in squad meetings and visit with politicians and community leaders and, yes, I wear the 17-oz, 100% wool pants, internal vest and creased uniform shirt—without the hat!

Don’t tell Baltimore we are in a time of peace where there have been 39 murders in the last 30 days.

That city just topped 100 murders in 2015 (it’s May! Don’t tell Chicago we are in a time of peace, when 2,589 people were shot last year.

Women and older people were generally more trusting of police, giving a high rating to police uniforms regardless of the shade for legitimacy and approachability.

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