An instructional design approach to updating an online course curriculum

07-Jan-2021 16:45

Here is a brief description of each step of the ADDIE process:proposed a framework comprising of a series of events based on the behaviorist approach to learning.These events follow a systematic instructional design process, creating a flexible model where events can be adapted to cater to different learning situations.created a classification system of measurable verbs to describe and organize the different levels of cognitive learning.The taxonomy pushes the learners past the lower steps of learning (of knowledge and remembering) and into the domain of deeper understanding, reflection, and application of knowledge to develop a learner’s individual process of solving problems.

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prepares leaders for the challenges of curricular administration including culture and leadership, ethics and morals, and curriculum design and implementation. This online degree program offers: The Curriculum & Instruction Core provides an opportunity for students to develop critical thinking curricular perspectives including knowledge of practical skills, theoretical constructs, and recognition of the integral and intersectional relationship of theory to practice and social action.was one of the first Design Models, there is much debate and discussion about its effectiveness and appropriateness for meeting the current needs of learners.