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03-Oct-2020 08:52

Friends who will always be there for each other, no disbanding, whatever the problem is they will discuss it among themselves.

I miss these "Dorks" and hope to see them again on stage soon........

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Amy admitted frankly, "I always feel that when girls cry because of touching events like this, they are very pretentious and fake.He was only 27 years old and is believed to have committed suicide.Amy who is involved in a open relationship with singer, Lee Minwoo revealed more tidbits about how they got started.After the entry was posted, many netizens have expressed views such as, “Does a third party have the right to make remarks like that?

” One netizen in particular remarked, “Even if Kim Dongwan is very close to Lee Minwoo, it’s not good for him to interfere in other people’s relationships.”Furthermore, some netizens commented that as a public service officer serving his military duty, he should “stick to fulfilling his duties well.

The harsh advice that Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan meted out to the ex-girlfriend of fellow Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo has divided netizens into two camps with varying opinions.