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But many of them ended up in the hands of African and Italian criminals, whose only aim is to make money out of people any way they can.

Prostitution is the main evidence of their presence, a symptom of a new criminal geography that goes inland from the coast, reaching the area of Caserta, the biggest city in the area.

They know their language, they know their families." And Nigerian gangs are now increasing their power in the country where most of these trafficked women end up being forced into prostitution: Italy.

According to UNICRI, the UN's inter-regional crime and justice research centre, Italy is the destination of more than 10,000 Nigerian prostitutes, trafficked from Benin City to the European hub of Nigerian criminals, the Domitiana, a long road that connects Naples to the Italian capital, Rome.

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A number of people were arrested in 2008 but others are still fugitives. "Today, they traffic drugs using European mules from the former Eastern block.

"They have agents, trolleys and madams," Igri Edet Mbang, a Nigerian intelligence officer, says.

"Agents are in charge of recruitment and they know how to do it.

With the killings, Setola and his gang wanted to show the entire African community in Italy that no business was allowed without the mafia's consent.

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But one of the Africans survived and the gang was arrested.The two groups – what remains of the former university's confraternities, now considered illegal in Nigeria – were using death threats against other Nigerians to enslave them in their illegal businesses .