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Far more controversial are Afghan prostitutes, who stay underground in a society that pretends they don't exist.Customs meant to keep women "pure" have not stopped prostitution.The girl was 11 when she was molested by a man with no legs. Sex is sold most obviously at brothels full of women from China who serve both Afghans and foreigners. Afghanistan is one of the world's most conservative countries, yet its sex trade appears to be thriving.She ran away three times, but each time her father-in-law bribed police to bring her back.She finally escaped to the human rights commission.

That's what happened with the girl Uncle Lang raped.The Ora report said 39 percent of the sex workers interviewed found clients through their relatives — including 17 percent through their mothers and 15 percent through their husbands. "They think that if they tell us the truth, we will return them to their families, and their families will kill them, or that we will send them to an institution and they will be put in prison," says Jamila Ghairat of the aid organization Women for Afghan Women."The girls are afraid of their families, the government and everyone." Families involved In some cases, it is families that pimp out the girls.She speaks four languages — the local languages of Pashtu and Dari, the Urdu she picked up as a refugee in Pakistan and the English she learned in a .40-a-month course she pays for herself in Kabul. But in March, she confessed to having anal sex with men for years, starting with the legless beggar.

She looked down as she spoke, her face and hands sooty from car exhaust.

At one family-run brothel, the oldest girl was a 15-year-old, orphaned when her parents died in rocket attacks in Kabul.