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05-Aug-2020 06:19

"Even pastors vote for us." In September Chrupalla succeeded in ousting the center-right Christian Democrats (CDU) as the most popular local party, which they had been for the last 25 years, when he won a direct mandate and defeated Michael Kretschmer, the Saxon CDU's general secretary.

When 42-year-old Chrupalla talks, he comes across as friendly, open, frank.

Everyone seemed to agree that the September election was a cry for attention.

Twenty-eight years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it is high time eastern and western Germany finally listened to one another, so that German reunification is not merely an excuse for fireworks, as it was on the 25th anniversary, three years ago.

The unified country had grown up, was economically robust, modern and tolerant. The theories put forward so far are based on two assumptions: That it's the result of economics and the wealth gap that still exists between the western and eastern states, or that it's related to some supposed collective psychological disorder spurred by the fact that the experience of two dictatorships was never properly dealt with. In recent weeks, a team of DER SPIEGEL journalists met people who have been observing, encouraging or fighting the shift to the right in Germany's eastern states: voters, parliamentarians, state governors, regional politicians and representatives of grassroots society.

The message was: finally, what belonged together had grown together, as former Chancellor Willy Brandt once predicted. It has created a multi-faceted picture showing nationalist, racist and anti-democratic elements, as well as lighter ones - and possible paths out of the populism trap.

More than 20 pages of men who may or may not be Scientologists. ) We clicked on one profile - he's a 32-year-old Indian man who lives in Jersey City, N. who describes himself as intelligent, holistic, passionate and - of course - spiritual. To be conscious is to be aware of the unconsciousness of the world we were born into, and using it as a means to transform yourself, and helping others transform if they so desire... Being "conscious" to us means drinking a cup of coffee at 9 a.m. Scientology site or not, we're going to have to pass on this one.

The rapid rise of the Af D has rocked the nation, including in the states of what was once West Germany and where the Af D are now represented in all state legislatures."Use this spiritual matchmaking site to find your spiritual match.Use our spiritual chat or IM system to make spiritual, conscious connections with other singles in your local area or from around the world." So wait - we're not sure - is it spiritual? "For over 20 years, the Affinity Exchange matchmaking service has been helping people whose lives are dedicated to spiritual enhancement find one another and co-create together," says the site.In the recent election, the populist Af D party did particularly well in the eastern states. Thuringia's regional government consists of a so-called "red-red-green" coalition of the Left Party, the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) and the Greens.

One of the Af D politicians is arguing that this coalition wants to dictate to the people of Thuringia and indeed "the German people" that they are "basically stuck in the Third Reich." He maintains the coalition is out to convince the public that "people are rotten." Only victims of NSU terror are honored, he argues, and not those of Islamist terror.

You can imagine how our ears perked up upon reading the headline: "Scientology's Online Dating Destination." We just had to check it out for ourselves.

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