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We believe that when our courage fails, His will not.

We believe we have contributions to make to the body of Christ, our families, friends, and the communities in which we live.

– Added the choice to flash D’s boobs during their lunch at the 50’s diner. – Fixed F addressing D as a girlfriend on the clothing shop (Day 12) – F kissing D’s pussy during the evening of day 12 was fixed.

– Added Lucas and Richard scene at the police station (Day 13) – Fixed bug where D suddenly changes her secretary outfit while giving HJ – Added HJ scene at the office when D wears the secretary outfit.

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– This is from creator’s patreon IMPORTANT: Your old saves will work fine, but you won’t be able to see the FP, LP and CL until you create a new save file v0.14 FIXED Fixed issues with achievement rewards. v0.14 changelog: New banner for extra scenes added. – Fixed bad renders during the pool hall game (Day 8) – Added condom offering scene (Day 8) – Removed game over at the beach when touching pussy massage.Apartment– Fixed Dad’s dialogue when talking to himself at the Apartment (if Olivia gave him a blowjob).