Adult chat that dont need a credit card

05-Jun-2020 19:40

Adult chat that dont need a credit card-62

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At the end of this article, we will see the detailed results of the credit card survey and find out how different credit cards performed on each parameters, so that if some particular parameter is more important for you, you can just pick a card based on that parameter.

The first parameter to look at while choosing a credit card can be the interest rate charged by the credit card company.

Most of the people who apply for a credit card in India, do not pay much attention at the time of taking the card, but later get frustrated by the card itself for various reasons high bad customer service , hidden charges and several other factors.

The obvious question then is, which is the best credit card in India?

Have you gone through frustrating time applying for credit card, really had to run around to get a credit card even when you were totally eligible to get one.

While this criteria is not that big, as its a one time event still you can consider it before you apply for one.

For example , the penalty charges if you don’t pay your dues no due date.

So apart from annual charges, there can be charges like There are a lot of advantages of using a credit card in form of benefits and reward points.Never listens customer and pathetic customer care executives) of which the DPD is consistently not (000) good for last 5 months. I dropped the cheque of overall due (about 12000/-) and they never bothered to inform me that my payment was not credited (god knows what they did with cheque).After 5 months when they made a balloon of charges and the whole amount jumped to 19000/- they called me and threatened me of CIBIL.Note that interest rate charged is mentioned on per month basis, but a small difference of 1% can be very big, considering it on yearly basis. means your Rs 1 lac of credit card debt can actually increase to 7.9 lacs in just 5 yrs if you don’t do something about it and obviously you will run around to improve your cibil score later !

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a 1.99% monthly interest rate actually means 27% Yearly and 3.5% monthly means 51% yearly CAGR. A lot of credit cards charge a yearly fees and renewal fees (at the time of renewal).

There were 654 participants who took the survey, hence you can safely assume that the collective responses will give a near reality results.

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