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16-Apr-2020 07:51

If you change user account properties in Active Directory and then perform a sync/import, it should import and update the changed property values in the corresponding user profile in Share Point.Also, the sync timer job should push user account updates into the userinfo table in the content database (DB) and into the hidden User Information List in the site collection.Share Point 2013 The People Picker control is used to search/find and select groups (as well as people and claims).Where does the picker control pull its display data from?If you remove the user from this group, this also removes the user from the user Info table in the Microsoft SQL Server database.

But I won’t delve into this less common topic, and instead will cover the most typical scenario.Then via the Share Point UI, manually grant the user access again within the site collection (or use New-SPUser cmdlet) to force Share Point to re-add the user into the User Information List.From my observation, it appears that Share Point will refresh the user metadata properties from the user profile after the next profile synchronization runs (you may have to wait for an hour for the sync job to run successfully).Some metadata examples are Display Name (name), Login Name (sam Account Name), Department, Picture, Email, SID (determines authorization rights), etc.

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The User Information List contains lots more user metadata properties other than Name, About Me, (Job) Title, and Department than you can see in the above Detail view display.Example Power Shell for a Share Point 2013 claims-enabled web site…