Accommodating pedestrians

26-May-2020 10:46

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Moreover, demographic trends tend to widen the range of personal abilities among different groups in the population.These trends include: 1) an increasing proportion of older adults; 2) an increasing percentage of people with disabilities (currently around 20 percent); 3) decreasing mortality rates associated with disabling illnesses and injuries, leading to more people living with functional limitations over a longer period of time; and 4) an increased prevalence of obesity.“Pedestrians should be provided with a reasonably safe, convenient, and accessible path that replicates as nearly as practical the most desirable characteristics of the existing sidewalk(s) or footpath(s).” Major pedestrian traffic generators near the project, such as schools, office complexes, and mass transit facilities, should be identified and taken into consideration during the planning stages.In the design stage, designers need to think about the route(s) that pedestrians are going to take around the construction area.Especially during bad economic times, disruption to business access should be minimized.Business owners will be more cooperative if adequate and safe pedestrian access to their properties is maintained.While in the field, designers and constructors need to consider separating pedestrians from the construction area along with phasing and/or delivery of materials and how moving construction vehicles through the work zone might impact pedestrian mobility and safety.In addition, pathways need to be maintained to ensure safety by keeping walkways clear of tripping hazards.

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Designers and contractors should check with individual agencies for guidance and/or preference on how to accommodate pedestrians.

It is important to ensure that all warning and guidance information related to a work zone is relevant and accessible to all potential walkway users.