A mentoring needs assessment validating mentorship in nursing education youdate net dating online

20-Jul-2020 03:59

Deliberate attention must be given to scholarship in order for the nursing discipline to advance and keep pace with parallel advancements in medical and related subspecialties, to advance evidence-based practice, and to inform effective, sustainable health care.

The absence of an academic nursing presence from front-line care, administration, research, and policy arenas is of long-term detriment to patient outcomes and the nursing profession.

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Consistent with previous research, primarily from other disciplines, career function and caring were cited as important roles and responsibilities for mentors.

The most significant stressor for novice faculty was "fitting in" to the academic milieu; teaching expertise and caring were important qualities of "good mentors." Barriers to mentoring were related to lack of time and faculty support.

Studies examining the effectiveness of mentorship interventions with nursing faculty who teach in registered nursing education programs will be included.

Studies will be aggregated for meta-synthesis (qualitative) and meta-analysis (quantitative), should the data permit.

Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method studies will be eligible for inclusion, without restrictions on publication status, year of publication, or language.