6 list the configuration options available for updating the os london evening standard dating site

25-Apr-2020 10:20

At the moment it behaves differently from numpy in the following situations: Float value Default: 0 (Preallocation of size 0, only cache the allocation) Controls the preallocation of memory with the gpuarray backend.The value represents the start size (either in MB or the fraction of total GPU memory) of the memory pool.It is the default value used when creating an Op that supports it.It is best to define it in .theanorc or in the environment variable THEANO_FLAGS.

If more then 95% are needed, it will try automatically to get more memory. With CUDA, using “multi” mean using the parameter cuda Device Schedule Yield.

Multiple configuration files can be specified by separating them with ‘:’ characters (as in $PATH).

Multiple configuration files will be merged, with later (right-most) files taking priority over earlier files in the case that multiple files specify values for a common configuration option.

If more memory is needed, Theano will try to obtain more, but this can cause memory fragmentation.

A negative value will completely disable the allocation cache.

Enabling the optimization can give a significant speed up with Scan at the cost of slightly increased memory usage.