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The series managed to become something of a cultural icon, but it is also partly responsible for the general public's dim view of comic book writing and comics in general today, as even at the time comic book writing was taken far more seriously.

For most of its run, a week, on successive weeknights (which was unusual at the time).

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We have seen how the heterosexualisation of Indian society is changing this traditional masculinity pattern.

For one possibility of what may happen in adolescent friendship boy groups when homo-sex is acceptable, see on this webpage: "Acadia, Arcadia - what's the difference?

"] Ask an Academic: The Secrets of Boys: When they talk about intimacy that might remain in their closest male friendships, they use the expression "no homo" to underscore their heterosexual status.

The creators of , consisting of a modern day plot to find the stolen Batmobile mixed with flashbacks to the events behind the scenes of filming the series in the 60s.

In 2015, Ward revealed he and West would be returning for a full-length animated movie for the series' 50th anniversary in 2016.

Heterosexualisation also includes the homosexualisation of male-male love.

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